The key to a secure login is multifactor authentication (MFA). It adds an extra layer of security by asking for ‘something else’ alongside your username and password—and that ‘something else’ is called a factor.


A factor can be anything from a push notification sent via a smartphone app to a biometric scan of your iris. Hackers might steal your password from halfway around the world, but they can’t get at your fingerprint or your smartphone as easily. Our InsureID guide to setting up and authenticating with MFA describes how to enable the factors we support. 

Without MFA, a hacker that guesses or steals your password can use it to wreak havoc across your accounts. MFA stops them from accessing your account without the second factor, and this feature helps to protect your organization from a costly data breach.

Supported Browsers

InsureID supports Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Chrome.

Supported Factors

InsureID currently supports the following factors: Okta Verify, Google Authenticator, SMS Authentication, and Voice Call. Refer to our InsureID guide on setting up and authenticating with MFA for how to enable these factors.

Having Trouble?

If you’re having trouble, submit a new support ticket through the portal.

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